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Kerfill ehf / Kandís
Icelandic candy manufacturer. We produce high-quality, handcrafted candy using natural ingredients.
Memo Ísland ehf
MEMO Iceland specialises in design of modern silk scarves with emphasis on functionality, quality, beautiful design and relation with the Icelandic nature. The scarves from MEMO Iceland are made from 100% silk and are entirely Icelandic design. The photographs printed on our scarves are specifically selected under influence from Icelandic nature where the spectacular pattern and beautiful colour scheme from the landscape is elegantly emphasised on the silk.
Orginal - ARC-TIC Iceland
Welcome to Arctic Iceland The home of the ARC-TIC Iceland brand is at Gilbert’s Workshop located in downtown Reykjavik where the focus is on making quality watches at more affordable prices, blending traditional watchmaking techniques with stylish designs and highest quality. We are committed to provide personal quality service where the customers speak directly to the designers and manufacturers of the brand.
Prjónastofan Katla
Prjónastofa Katla is a small family business that was founded in 2020. Our main goal is to continue the work of the woollen knitting factory in Vik and Myrdal which has been operating since 1971. Hence, the name of our company is a tribute to the first functioning knitting factory Prjónastofan Katla (1971-1985). Like the previous knitting factories, our task is to create products from the domestic raw material. We produce blankets, caps and gloves from Icelandic wool yarns. Our design is based on local culture, as well as natural objects characteristic of this part of the world. The uniqueness of Icelandic wool, resulting from over a thousand years of adaptation to the difficult conditions on the island, provides the best quality of our products. The two-layer construction of the fleece makes it thermal insulation, breathable and water-resistant. We believe that thanks to our experience and respect for tradition, we are able to offer you something more than just a product. We want them to attend you for... More
Reykjavik Raincoats
Joy in a Raincoat ! The idea for Reykjavik Raincoats sprang to our minds in the way of most brilliant ideas, in a shower...of rain that is. It rains more than 200 days out of the year in Iceland so if we were to let a little bit of rain stop us, nothing would ever get done. And so it was that we found ourselves standing in a downpour after a night of bar-hopping, waiting in line at the famous hotdog stand Bæjarins Bestu, as one does if you live in Reykjavik. With a multitude of raindrops dripping from our hair and the rain seeping into our clothes and shoes we realized: It would be great to have a raincoat that would not only keep you dry but also make you look good, no matter the occasion.
SjávarSmiðjan ehf.
ALGAE NÁTTÚRA by Sjávarsmiðjan is the offspring of the Reykhólar Seabaths. Those baths are the brainchild of the residents and farmer couple Svanhildur Sigurðardóttir and Thomas Sigurgeirsson in Reykhólar. Seaweed baths are a 100% natural product that comes from Reykhólar in the Westfjords of Iceland, which is one of the richest resource lands in Iceland. Reykhólar, an ancient manor, stands by the unique ocean habitat of Breidardjörður and is located in one of the largest geothermal areas in the Westfjords. It has often been mentioned that in Breiðafjörður you will find fish in the highest caliber and quality that exists, but at the Breiðafjörður bay you will also find one of the biggest bird clusters in Iceland. The reason for this vibrant and lively ocean life in the Breiðafjörður bay can undoubtedly be traced back to the great quality of the marine ecosystem in the fjord. To no surprise, one of the largest seaweed forest in Iceland is precisely located there (which often is referred to as the jungle... More