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Natural, Clean Skin Care from Iceland that works. ÞRÍR is an Icelandic skincare brand committed to delivering high-quality skincare products that are natural, clean, and effective for all skin types. The three signature face masks—Volcano Scrub, Glacial Clay, and Arctic Roseroot Moisture Mask are inspired by the natural elements from the raw, untouched Icelandic landscape: volcanoes, glaciers, herbs, and the Atlantic Ocean that surrounds the island. Developed in close cooperation with scientists and skincare experts in the Nordic countries, Þrír's products are made to COSMOS-ORGANIC standards (certification is pending). No animal testing, only natural and organic ingredients that are environmentally friendly.
Algalif Iceland ehf.
Iceland Harvest is the consumer brand of Alglaif Iceland, an awarded industry leader in the production of sustainable natural astaxanthin.  For further information go to  and  
Cintamani brings joy and happines to the outdoors.  We are never to old to go out and play
ELEVEN RVK is an Icelandic clothing and accessories brand for kids in sizes 122-170
Handmade by gunnhann
My name is Gunnlaug Hannesdóttir and I live in Kópavogur. My life is filled with creativity and one of my favorite things is to work with yarn and textiles. I simply love the Icelandic yarn "lopi" and most of my knitting is made from it. I also work with second-hand textiles, as I love giving old things new life.  "Slow fashion" is the keyword in my studio. Thank you for visiting my shop.
HN Gallery
HN Gallery is an Icelandic family company that specializes in the design and production of products inspired by Icelandic nature. HN Gallery was founded on the lucky day 7.september 2013. All our products are handmade so it is therefore a positive and challenging task for the company and those who work on it´s behalf to maintain stock. HN Gallery has put a lot of effort into their designs and production of products to make them unique to the company and it´s costomers. We want to work on maintaining Icelandic production and customs. Therefore, all our products are manufactured in Iceland, hats are hand-knitted according to Icelandic tradition and we seek to trade with Icelandic companies for our production. HN Gallery ehf
Hraundís Guðmundsdóttir is the owner and producer of the company Hraundís. She is an educated Aromatherapyst and forester from the Agricultural University of Hvanneyri. She ran a massage parlor in Reykholtsdalur for many years where she mixed essential oils into massage oils to help people with various ailments. She had the dream for many years to produce Icelandic essential oils. In January 2015, she went to Sedona, Arizona to study plant distillation and began distilling and selling Icelandic essential oils in the summer of 2015. She is also producing various health products that have evolved after people have asked her to mix them with various health problems. The production takes place in Southwest of Iceland and all the plants are hand-picked in areas that have organic certification from Tún and distilled in the pure Icelandic water. All raw materials used in the products are organically certified and environmentally friendly. Our goal it to be an environmentally friendly company in every... More
iceCare health ehf
The owner of Eylíf a food supplement range, containing pure and natural Icelandic ingredients