About us and our heritage

The first settlers in Iceland arrived in 874. For centuries, they relied on natural Icelandic resources for survival. Our natural hot springs, clear water, herbs, and wildlife on land and sea created the foundation from which our modern society is rooted.

Iceland is known for responsible and sustainable resource management in agriculture, farming, fishing and power production. Icelandic farming has always emphasized byproduct utilization, which is why we have a rich heritage of traditional clothing and food such as wool sweaters, our unique Skyr, hot spring baked bread, and comforters filled with down that has fallen from eider ducks.

BuyIcelandic brings these unique Icelandic products, as well as others, right to your fingertips. Icelandic design and production are inspired by the coarse natural environment, weather and culture.

Be part of Iceland, share your story of Iceland, share the story of Iceland. We welcome you to explore our unique products and, if you have not already done so, visit Iceland and experience for yourself!